Stone Mason / Sculptor

2016 04-01

About me


Born and raised in Harrogate, the dales and surrounds have always intrigued and inspired me.
I was a student at Rossett high school, where I still hold the high jump record (not to sure how long I can hang on to that).

Before becoming obsessed with stone, I started off as a bricky. In fact from an early age my weekends were spent working with my father (a builder) as a labourer on building sites. I quickly got promoted from broom and wheel barrow to trowel and hammer. Something happened when I was handed that rusty old trowel and heavy split handled lump hammer in my hands, a magic feeling inside. “With these tools I can build (a feeling I still get today when I pick up certain tools). A short while after I saved up and bought myself some decent tools. I was one proud 16 year old lad!”

I put myself into college to study brick work “At last something I really wanted to learn and really enjoyed doing”.
I became top of the class and earned the student of the year award 1997. “College taught me all about the modern ways of building while my time at work I learned many traditional techniques of laying stone, at the time I was always drawn to stone.. so many ways to lay it as opposed to bricks.”

The next 5 years or so I worked on many stone houses, extensions and barn conversions before going self employed. Years passed doing the same things, that is until I started to read up and practice dry stone walling.
This changed everything, without the mortar separating the stone, I became more in-tune and aware of the stone, studying the grain, natural shape and textures, different results and finishes were possible, everything was now falling into place or was it?
it was always my dream and goal to build something that hadn’t been done before, but everything seemed to have already been done by someone..
I had thoughts of somehow bringing stone to life but how?
a wall will always be a wall or will it?”

The rest, as they say, is history….

I now follow my natural instincts, and allow my creative side to provide my inspirations.